The Harvard Band is entirely student-run, from the writing of halftime shows to the arrangements of music to administrative work and financial planning. Members are eligible for a staff position after one semester's time in the Band, which means early leadership opportunities for freshmen.

Senior Staff

The five members of Senior Staff make sure the Band is in the right place at the right time--all the time.

  • Manager: liaison to Harvard administration and public; manages finances and records
  • Drill Master: writes halftime shows; wears a trenchcoat.
  • Student Conductor: leads rehearsals; conducts during shows; oversees music library of old and new arrangements.
  • Drum Major: public face of the Band; leader of all parades; communicates with bands from other schools; wears a tuxedo.
  • Schneider: makes sure the Band is always having fun!

Junior Staff

Besides the five Senior Staff positions, there are over 20 other staff positions to make sure that the finer details of the Band's operations don't slip through any cracks. New members are eligible to run for a staff position after their first football season--in fact, most of the positions are held by freshmen and sophomores--and it is a great way to serve as a leader in an organization very early in your Harvard career. Here's just a few of the positions available on junior staff:

  • Section leaders
  • Trips manager
  • Treasurer
  • Music librarians
  • Instrument manager