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Please email Bethany Jenkins at to sign up for an audition! Auditions last for approximately 30 minutes and take place in the band room at 74 Mt. Auburn Street. Auditions for the Band are very informal. They are an opportunity for our director, Mark, to get to know you, and to match you up with the perfect part for your ability. You will need to play a major scale and sightread one of our fight songs - nothing to be afraid of, so don't worry if you haven't oiled those valves for a while!

For Wind Ensemble, you will also need to prepare a short piece of your choice. For Jazz Band, you will need to sight read a Big Band chart, play a prepared piece of your choice, and improvise over a recorded blues rhythm section.

Just come in a bit before your audition time to warm up and fill out a brief information form. We'll send you in to our directors or our student conductor, and your audition itself should take 5-10 minutes. Following the audition you will have an opportunity to meet Band members and get more information about the organization. In all, the whole audition process should take approximately 30 minutes.

NOTE: if you plan to audition for the Jazz Band rhythm sections (drum kit + bass), please come to the OFA (first floor of 74 Mt. Auburn St.) on September 8th 5-6pm. You do not need to sign up for an audition unless you'd also like to join the Harvard University Band or Wind Ensemble.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Bethany Jenkins at