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Fall 2021 Auditions

Stay *tuned* for updates regarding 2021 auditions!

Auditions for the Band are very informal. They are an opportunity for the Band to get to know you and to welcome you into the organization. We are still working out what we are doing for auditions in 2021, but no need to sweat. We will likely ask you to play some scales, followed by a little sightreading of a fightsong, and a piece of your choice. 

You may also consider joining the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band - we sometimes do joint auditions with them, but we will keep you updated for 2021. You can find more information on the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band websites. In the past, for Wind Ensemble, you would also prepare a short piece of your choice. For Jazz Band, you would sight read a Big Band chart, play a prepared piece of your choice, and improvise over a recorded blues rhythm section.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Kelli Aquino at